About SearchNigeria.Com.Ng 

SearchNigeria.Com.Ng is a business platform with specific focus on businesses and business opportunities within Nigeria. SearchNigeria provides a platform for businesses within Nigeria to reach the rest of the world and do more business and for businesses outside Nigeria to discover these businesses and opportunities within Nigeria and do business with them. The SearchNigeria directory platform further helps Nigerian businesses to do more business with one another.  

SearchNigeria provides you with a simple, direct and safe way to discover opportunities and do business with clients across Nigeria. We offer our users the ability to list and search for businesses and business opportunities in all the Nigerian States and Cities.  

We hope you find what you are looking for here in Nigeria via the SearchNigeria business platform

So, are you doing business in any of the Nigerian cities? Are you yet on SearchNigeria.Com.Ng? You are surely missing out on opportunities and more businesses if you are not yet here.  SearchNigeria.Com.Ng provides you with a simple and yet direct platform to showcase your business 24/7 to potential clients and more businesses.

List now on SearchNigeria.Com.Ng – the premium directory of businesses in Nigeria

SearchNigeria provides the easiest and best way for posting your classified ads with many unique differences as below:

  1. Posting without registering
  2. Posting for free in all categories
  3. Post your  ad in up to 3 different locations for free
  4. Attach up to five pictures for your ads free
  5. Attach a video clip for your ad for free
  6. Attach meta tags and keywords to your ads
  7. Post to Facebook from your ad
  8. SEO friendly ads posting that makes your ads get found online easily
  9. Instant display for your ads
  10. Found in the easiest way by seekers with a unique search mechanism
  11. Follow the number of views for your listings
  12. Get rate and comments for your listings
  13. Find your listings in Google results with live links in the shortest time
  14. Reach all your posted items with one tab click away
  15. Options to post worldwide  

 If you wish to contact us please do so by completing our contact form or sending us a mail through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.